Harrison Trimble High School

This menu features scholarships reserved for students of Harrison Trimble High School. Scholarships will be posted as they become available. Reminders … Students are encouraged to continue to check the Monthly Scholarship pulldown menu on this website. It’s easy to sign-up for email alerts from the ASD-E Scholarship website, simply select “follow” in the lower right hand corner of the website.

HTHS only – James Roberts Memorial Scholarship

Amount: $1,500

Information: Awarded to a Harrison Trimble High School grad who will be attending a Canadian University/College starting in the Fall of 2020. The decision will be based on community service and activities, academic achievements and financial need.

We are asking that students send their completed applications to Christine.babineau-hall@nbed.nb.ca

Due date: May 15th, 2020


New Brunswick Public Colleges Entrance Scholarship

Amount: $1,000

Website:  https://thenbccfoundationinc.ca/media/29587/NBPCES-BEPACPNB-2019.pdf

Information: Available to a graduating student from each high school in the province who will  attend New Brunswick Community College, New Brunswick College of Craft and Design or Collège communautaire du Nouveau-Brunswick.

Due date: Email application to Mrs. Ross:  Sharon.ross@nbed.nb.ca with Subject line NBCC Scholarship.

Magnetic Hill School Bursary

Amount: $500

Information: Must have attended Magnetic Hill School for a minimum of three years.

Due date: May 29th, 2020


HTHS only – Vickie Babineau Scholarship

Amount: $1,000

Website: https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=318rTdLEEUmHCWjML0Zcn95rIuKBHh1FlMkmCZoILKJUMzdBNzBVQkVTRlM2VTkxN0dKTDY1WEJBUC4u

Information: Vickie Babineau was the Executive Secretary at Youth Impact Jeunesse for an amazing twenty-five years.  During her years of service Vickie demonstrated a strong interest and pride in contributing to helping young people move forward in life.  Our dear friend and colleague passed away in April of 2015.  To honor her memory a $1,000 scholarship has been created in her name. 2020 will be the fourth annual Vickie Lynn Babineau Memorial Scholarship. Awarded to a female student at HTHS interested in a helping profession.

Due date: May 29, 2020

HTHS only – Queen Elizabeth Scholarship

Amount: $250

Website:  https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=318rTdLEEUmHCWjML0Zcn95rIuKBHh1FlMkmCZoILKJUOEFFUUsyWjhGWDZOV0w3QjVFOUhKSUxEOC4u

Information: Awarded to a student at HTHS who attended Queen Elizabeth School.

Due date: May 29, 2020.

HTHS only – Jeff Barnes Memorial Bursary

Amount: $1000

Website: https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=318rTdLEEUmHCWjML0Zcn95rIuKBHh1FlMkmCZoILKJUM1JYWFZVNko0RkZCNTFMU0dKUFVKMzNPSC4u 

Information: A Memorial Bursary in loving memory of Jeff Barnes — a former Trojan and outstanding football running back in the 1980’s. Jeff died on March 17th, 2001, after a courageous battle with cancer. He is remembered for his outstanding athletic ability, his fierce competitiveness, and indomitable spirit.  This Bursary, valued at $l,000, will be awarded to an outstanding athlete at Harrison Trimble who graduates in June 2020 and will further his/her education at the post-secondary level during the 2020-2021 school year. Please note that payment of this Bursary will be applied directly to the tuition fees of the educational institution to be attended. Criteria – This student will have excelled in athletic achievement in a team sport and shall have brought special recognition or honor to HTHS. While “need” and “scholastic average” will be considered, they are not the primary criteria. The student’s contribution to the school and fellow students will be evaluated, as well as overall interests and extra-curricular activities. Anything of an exemplary nature should be outlined in the application letter.

Due date: May 29th, 2020

Sir Charles GD Roberts chapter of IODE Bursary

Amount: $500

Website:  https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=318rTdLEEUmHCWjML0Zcn95rIuKBHh1FlMkmCZoILKJUOVNKUFhVQ1U0TVY0TzRGWUE3NDZTNVNSNC4u

Information: $500 to a deserving HTHS female student going to college or university, who would benefit from financial need.

Due date: May 29, 2020.

Beaverbrook School Bursary

Amount: $500

Website:  https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=318rTdLEEUmHCWjML0Zcn95rIuKBHh1FlMkmCZoILKJUMFpFWjJWWFRCWDFQNDFaNDNKM00wVlpTNC4u

Information: Awarded to a student at HTHS who attended Beaverbrook.

Due date: May 29, 2020

Friends of the Trojans Bursaries

Amount: $500

Website: https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=318rTdLEEUmHCWjML0Zcn95rIuKBHh1FlMkmCZoILKJUNzdEUzlUOFoyV1NaMlhBMUQ1S1VBU0Y2Ni4u

Information: Five bursaries of $500 provided by the Friends of the Trojans. The bursary goes to a deserving student who exemplifies true Trojan spirit and has immersed themselves in the day to day culture of Harrison Trimble.

Due date: May 29, 2020

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